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Apr 23, 2013

Announcement: Revitol Cellulite Cream

Is there really a cellulite cream out there that can reduce your cellulite? After reading this article, you will have a better idea if Revitol Cellulite Solution is a product that can help tighten unsightly dimples and give your skin a more youthful look.  We’ll look at potential benefits, review other customers’ experiences, identify available discounts or coupons, and also point out some things to watch out for.


As you probably already know, cellulite is an issue that affects young and old as well as people of all body types.  One of the benefits of cellulite creams in general is that they are less expensive than treatments like massage or laser therapy.  Another is that it seems that you can get results sooner than you might just through exercise or diet.  And Revitol uses all natural ingredients, not just in the cellulite cream, but in all of their products.


One of the most common ingredients, but most important to most skin firming creams is caffeine.  Revitol uses coffee extract to get their caffeine from a natural source.  Caffeine applied directly through creams increases the blood flow in the skin and the layer of fat directly below the skin that causes the dimples known as cellulite, so this makes the creams more effective than drinking coffee or other drinks that contain caffeine.  According to the Revitol website, other important ingredients in their product are extracts of algaes, capsicum, green tea, and gingko biloba, shea butter, and Retinol A, which seems to help the skin rejuvenate and repair elasticity.


There are a wide range of cellulite cream reviews online for Cellulite Solution.  As expected, on the manufacturer’s website are found positive testimonials from six customers, including one from a male customer.  One customer seems to have changed her plans to get liposuction after using this product for a short time.  Another claims to see results within forty days of starting to use Revitol’s cellulite cream.  There are several comments about this cream firming their skin, making it more visually pleasing to them, and increasing their self-confidence.


When we try to find reviews from less biased sites, we do get a better idea of what is to be expected after using Revitol Cellulite Solution.  On, there are several comments about receiving their product in different packaging, such as a pump bottle or squeeze tubes with different coloring and caps than the one on the Revitol website.  There are also comments about the cream having a variety of consistencies, some being very creamy or even thin and runny to others being very thick, pasty, and/or flaky.  I don’t see these types of comments from people who bought directly from Revitol, so that leads me to wonder if it is worth it to buy this product from when it seems you are more likely to get consistent product and packaging by ordering direct from Revitol?


Results will vary based on how much you apply, how often you apply, and several other factors including diet and exercise.  Based on cellulite cream reviews that are online, customers claim to start seeing results in as soon as a week.  Several other reviews claimed to see results in two to four weeks using the recommended application rate of two to four times each day.


The manufacturer currently charges $39.95 for one 4 oz. bottle plus $7.94 for shipping and handling.  But you can buy six bottles from them for $159.95 plus $10.94 shipping and handling for a total of $170.89 which works out to be less than $29 per bottle.  The cheapest offer on is currently $25 plus free shipping, but you should also be aware of the potential to receive different packaging or consistency as earlier in this review if you buy this way.


I have seen some offers for coupon codes but there are not a lot of reviews to confirm or deny their effectiveness or ease of use.  Once coupon code is Revitol-MXG78 from and says it is for two free bottles on each sale for all Revitol Skin Care products.  I don’t know if this works since Revitol already offers to give two free bottles with an order for four bottles (see the price for six bottles in the paragraph above) but this offer may be helpful if you are looking to buy less than six bottles.


The manufacturer does offer a money back guarantee for their cellulite cream.  This is mentioned twice on the product web page, but both times it is last on the list of items that are being discussed.  Hopefully this is because they rarely have customers that don’t see a reduction in the appearance of their cellulite.


If you are looking for a solution to unattractive cellulite, then Revitol Cellulite Solution may be the cream that you are looking for.  It is made with all natural ingredients, there are a lot of positive reviews claiming results that match the manufacturer’s claims, and it is a lower cost option than other types of treatments such as massage or laser cellulite reduction.